Acrylic paintings 

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Swimming pigs

Acrylic on canvas

Dawn Chan, 2019

160cm* 114cm

The happy pig swimming oil painting really cheers me up after my last few days of depression. I like the simple happy relax moments, we don't need to be too emotionally seriously involved with anything , anyone in various feelings. The most important we have the animal instincts be happy and survive.

The light blue color contrasts the black and pink pigs, they are simply just swimming enjoy the carefree moments. Which make all people feeling joy and smile.

I haven't done such painting for a long time, most of my work is a bit too serious subjects. I think I should explore more in this area.

Sleep is the subjects matter of these 2 painting. The large one is about dreams, smaller one is about sleeping fall off, Both are representing the struggle moment of my sleeping disorder, somethings unknown and uncertainty in the back of my mind.


The uneasy feeling from the uncomfortable position. They are a physical emotional expression in a strange interpretation.

If a change in different rotation, we can find any other kind of feelings of these painting. Maybe more relax less hate and angry, more in peaceful sympathy. The normalized the environment position make us more comfortable to view? However, do they echoed our hearts?

Falling asleep I 

Acrylic on canvas

Dawn Chan, 2019

70cm* 90cm

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Falling asleep II

Acrylic on canvas

Dawn Chan, 2019

90cm* 90cm

Misery... we see we cannot see. We felt we can not felt. Misery painting is about existing in our dark of unknown, with different form, shape, dimension, curiously, cannot reach. Misery is desperately black or white full of pain in our soul. Misery also a needle inside our heart. Sometimes just give us a bit of pain. Afterward, we may feel better then worse. No pain No happy with our forever enduring Misery.

How to paint Mystery of Misery deeply sad is part of mystery emotional feelings. Unconscious is part of mystery, memory system reminding the unknown part of time and space image and impression, unknow what we need and there for us. We paint from our unconscious mind with coincidence unreality world.

Emotional energy force eagerness desire to create our mystery mind. Pure is also a mystery in misery emptiness hopelessly meaningless, no desire,

The abstracted presentation brings our paralyzed sense of instincts alive.

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Mystery Misery 

Acrylic on canvas

Dawn Chan, 2019

135cm* 90cm