Being of East Asian ethnicity, I have a different cultural background, and I have lived in many countries, working with various creative and innovative programs. It allows me to bring a new perspective and cultural exchange. During my life journey, I found art is essential emotional healing for myself, getting respect and appreciated mind and soul, reflecting our emotional behaviour release the stress and anxiety. I discover that art is a tool for a sense of balance in life. Everyone should have the opportunity to find their artistic talent and ability to bring up the unconscious mind in a visual form. 


Since childhood, I have been a true art lover, always fascinated by art and the creative world. Since 2018, I have worked as a full-time artist with two solo exhibitions and a self-publication of a dual-language book (Dawn of Reborn). Recently I have had different art challenges, etching, and sculpture in 2021. I would like to take the opportunity to sell my works.